Sunday, June 20, 2010

average size

Recently i gave birth to my 2nd child Kendall Noelle, and I have to say having 2 kiddos hasnt been particularly great to my figure...although it made it much more challanging to find the hippest and bestest clothes for me. I am still losing weight seeing how my youngest is now 6 weeks old. My other daughter is Cailin Mackenzie and she is 2 so you can say I had them almost back to back...

I went from a size 4-6 to a size 14 with Cailin, yeah...a little too many buffalo burgers along the way..and for some odd reason after giving birth it didnt come off as quickly as i expected it to..I mustve only lost 10 pounds after giving birth to her..and struggled to get 5 more pounds over the next YEAR! Then when i got pregnant again in the midst of losing weight I was determined to do it right this healthy and def not for 2!

I only gained 26 pounds with Kendall and lost 40 so far this month! its great...I feel optimistic im on the way back to my size 4.

However, i am still a size 10-12 right now, and I currently am a buyer for various companies in fashion and am ebay glorified to ImVintageObsessed. You can only imagine the struggles of trying to look like my model...a size 0 and still wear the latest fashions, however I have prevailed and expect to see some of my fave pieces I would wear and/or have worn on my blog along with other fun stuff

viva le jene

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